Why You Should Leave Your Parents' Home

Leave Home
I believe a lot of young people today are weak. Weak in the sense that they rely on others (parents) for their livelihood.

This happens because parents don't know when to cut them off and kick them out of the house. So parents reward this bad behavior by not taking a stand, creating these weak people - and then parents themselves complain about it....

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Books (Literature Is a Lie)

Books - Love of Knowledge
We must differentiate between reading as entertainment and reading as learning. Most of the reading that's being done is literature but I believe this should be balanced out with non fiction books as well.

I like to think I can change the world with a few (mandatory) books. Without actually naming those books I think we should read non fiction within these broad categories - since a lot of our drama stems from the fact that we don't fully understand:

Psycho Cybernetics or Why You Are (Still) Fat

Psycho Cybernetics
Maxwell Maltz in his classic book Psycho Cybernetics (1960) introduces the concept of self image. His book is perhaps the first solid self help book - which later inspired Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins in their work.

The self image represents the set of believes that you hold about yourself on a subconscious level. You can say out loud anything you want ("I'm loosing weight" or "I'm becoming a better athlete") but as long as what you say is not accepted at subconscious level, you cannot break past your current self image in terms of real life results.

Provider vs Entertainer. Which One Are You?

Neil Strauss Before and After
We all fall into one of the two frames with other people: entertainer vs provider (this concept is stolen from the book The Game - which discusses the art of seduction within the pick-up industry).

If you're a provider, you are likely sought after just because people can get a benefit from you. If you're an entertainer, people seek you out because they sense they can have fun with you. You wanna be both.

Are You Uni-dimensional?

You meet some people who seem to by tightly anchored into a certain identity that they've developed due to a certain job, hobby or interest that they have. And they carry that "persona" everywhere, even though it might not be necessary.

You can see this with some professionals (lawyers, managers, etc.), business people, athletes, etc. Most of these are simply functions that one has to fulfill in the world but they take it on as an identity thus projecting it aggressively outward.

See The Big Picture

The Big Picture
Freedom and well-being are relative concepts. No matter how hard you think you may have it, you can do a metal flip in your head and sooner or later you'll realize that you're pretty well off.

In order to do that however you must be able to see the big picture - zooming out of your own drama and being able to see what others are confronting with. It's what Stephen Covey said: "Seek first to understand and then to be understood."

(SEX) Why You Should Not Ejaculate

Sexual contience
Being continent means giving up climaxing through ejaculation during sex. You might say that this defeats the purpose of sex but hear me out.

You get two amazing benefits:

1. You are able to stay hard (and hungry) a lot more. You can play for hours and hours. Thus you can please your woman numerous times.

On Dissolving Your Ego

If you wanna skip reading this just go ahead and read The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

I will shoot at you an idea from the book "The Winner Effect" though:

It seems that the greatest stress human beings can experience is the "social evaluative threat" - SET. In other words, anxiety of social status. And this causes a lot of suffering, not to mention being a real barrier into communication and relationships.